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"As a painter it was amazing to create abstract surfaces based on the influences of the fashion industry, and change the regular habit, when fashion inspired by art. In the new works of mine, I started to focusing into everyday eating and cooking “tasks”."

Ádám DÓRA was born in 1993, Vác (Hungary). He lives and works in Budapest.
He graduated at Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Painting (MA) in 2017. From 2019 to 2020
he was a Mentee in the Budapest Art Mentor Program.
The main body of his work - compromised mainly of oil on canvas pieces - is developed serially.
These pictures are often the interlaced consequences of each other. He plays with the repetition and variation of recurring elements. The apparition of these motifs in new contexts creates a
rich visual language that potentially has many interpretations.
During his painterly practices of contemplation, he is searching for answers to the questions
that are within the domain of painting, while reflecting on our present visual culture.
Hist first notable solo show called ‘Chunky Steps’ at Nagyházi Contemporary, Budapest (HU) was
organized in 2021.
He has participated in several group and duo exhibitions such as ‘Explorers 3.0’ at Budapest
Projekt Gallery(HU), Esterhazy Art Award Short List 2021 at Ludwig Museum, Budapest (HU),
’Overlaps’ with Rita Koszorús at Hegyvidék Gallery, Budapest (HU), INSTA group show at Nick
Gallery, Pécs (HU) and ‘Summer Wine’ at Einspach Fine Art & Photography Gallery Budapest
(HU). In 2020, he got a Special Prize at ‘Calling Across the Distance’ open call at Emergent Art Space, San Francisco (CA), USA and a Honorable Mention at ‘Minimalism’ open call at Envision Arts,
Frisco (TX) USA. He was a Shortlisted at Kepesita Collection Art Award 2020 (HU), Esterházy Art
Award 2021(HU) and Strabag Artaward International 2022, 2023.(AT).
In 2022 he created a permanent installation /including a wall painting and three artworks/ to
the Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt (AU) for the NOW Esterhazy Contemporary Private Collection,
curated by Vitus Weh. He also had a solo exhibition at Artkartell Projectspace, Budapest (HU).
In 2023 he invited to the Kunstlerstadt Gmünd AIR to Austria and the Piramidón Centre di Arte Contemporani AIR to Barcelona (ES). He is will have a solo exhibition in November 2023 at Einspach Fine Art & Photography, Budapest (HU).
His works appears in many private and public collections, such as the NOW Esterhazy Contemporary, (AT) and the Contemporary Collection of Hungarian Nation Bank (HU).


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