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"Against the reign of individualism, I speak of being a community, a society, I speak of denouncing the passivity that from one side of the root, of humanity, we often have on the other end, the responsibility of remaining a single people. . "

Alicia Gimeno, born in Barcelona (1989), trained in graphic design during her time in Mexico. From the beginning, she was captivated by calligraphy, the gestuality of brush strokes, the trace of the pen... And delving into the depth of the act of writing, she came across oriental calligraphy, thus infusing that manual gesture with spirituality, recognizing that the activity of writing could also be a form of expression independent of languages and reading comprehension.

Alicia's work does not require grand chromatic explosions. It's not that color is absent, but rather that the artist simply doesn't need it to express through painting. Her intention, through the representation of her abstract calligraphies infused with botanical essence, is to invite the viewer to introspection, to contemplation, where one discovers oneself as part of a natural whole, part of a nature we often forget we are a part of. A representation of roots, to ponder how close we are and how close we should be to the purest and simplest aspects of the planet.

These paintings are not merely an exploration in the visual realm, but rather seek to delve into the energetic expression of the brushstroke through movement. The Qì, 氣, the purest essence, which also lives within us, expressed through the movement of the brush, the ink, much like in oriental calligraphy. In her studies of Eastern thought, Alicia delves into different concepts that she seeks to experience, portray, and comprehend through her work, such as Wabi Sabi, the flag of beauty in imperfection, or Ma 間, the negative space that can only be understood in its context.


Alicia Gimeno Contemporary Artist from Barcelona
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