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"I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember, inspired with my sense of self, perception of the world, special people and animals as important part of life.
After finishing formal education as a graphic designer, I decisively decided to dedicate talent to painting as a true passion."

He was born in Aleksinac, Serbia in 1996. Early the following year, he moved with his family to Belgrade. He currently lives and works in New Belgrade with his girlfriend, dog, and cats.

He has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember, finding inspiration in his sense of self, his perception of the world, and the special people and animals that are an important part of his life. He graduated from Belgrade University, Metropolitan Faculty of Digital Arts in 2021 with a degree in Graphic Design.

After completing his formal education, he made the decisive decision to dedicate his talent to painting as his true passion.

In January 2022, he presented a selection of works created during 2021 at his first independent art exhibition titled "THIS IS ANDREJ BJELIĆ." The exhibition showcased a collection of mixed technique drawings on paper and paintings on canvas at the art initiative space KVART BW, in collaboration with the ШТАБ art gallery. The exhibition was very well received by the local public and art community, generating significant publicity and growing interest in his unique expression.

In August 2022, he held his second independent exhibition, "FIERY PETS." The exhibition featured a series of works painted during the spring and summer of 2022, displaying mixed techniques such as pastel and acrylic on canvas. The artworks depicted fantastic animals, both wild and mythical, tamed as pets. They were described as charismatic and exuded charm and desirability. The exhibition took place at the BIOSKOP BALKAN art gallery and was funded and supported by the reputable art foundation, FONDACIJA SAŠA MARČETA. The exhibition captivated the local and international audience and caused quite a sensation in the art scene. Shortly after its closing, all of the artworks were sold out to local and international art connoisseurs. This success gave his career a new boost and inspired him to further develop his skills and explore his talent.

In March 2023, his art received special attention through two major art events that showcased his work.

Just one day before the opening of his third independent exhibition, "LIONS ON WIRES," which was held at the MONOLOG gallery in partnership with BIOSKOP BALKAN and FONDACIJA SAŠA MARČETA, his work was also featured at the "ENCOUNTERS" art experience, which showcased a cross-section of Serbian contemporary art at the CVIJETA ZUZORIĆ pavilion. The event was organized by the ULUS fine artists association of Serbia, and he was recommended and backed for this exibition by MONOLOG gallery and with their curtesy presented by two paintings from their personal collection, both works from “FIERY PETS“ exhibition. 

He is currently extremely excited and eagerly waiting for the reactions of the art community to his new showings. He can't stop thinking and working on what awaits him next. In April 2023, he will be one of the guest artists for the B-MURALS spring cycle art residency in Barcelona, thanks to the support of BIOSKOP BALKAN and FONDACIJA SAŠA MARČETA. He will be living and working in Barcelona for three months, creating studio work for a joint exhibition and a selected wall mural.


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