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An artist residency new program is available on the beautiful island of Menorca. This unique opportunity provides artists with a dedicated studio space where they can unleash their creativity and work on their artistic projects. The residency is conveniently located near Fornells, a charming town known for its picturesque landscapes and local charm.

Nestled in an enchanting, fully-renovated 1970s garden, the residency is designed to offer artists a tranquil and inspiring environment. Surrounded by the untouched beauty of Menorca's nature, artists can immerse themselves in the island's serene atmosphere, allowing their artistic visions to flourish.

The artist residency program aims to foster artistic growth and engagement, providing artists with the necessary tools and resources to pursue their artistic endeavors.

Beyond the studio, artists will have the opportunity to explore the island, discovering its rich cultural heritage and vibrant artistic community. Menorca is known for its artistic influence, with many galleries, museums, and creative spaces scattered throughout the island.

Throughout their stay, artists may also have the opportunity to engage with collectors and art enthusiasts, further expanding their networks and showcasing their artworks. Additionally, studio visits and open houses may be organized to showcase the artists' progress and foster dialogue between artists and the public.

By providing a nurturing environment and fostering artistic exchange, the artist residency program on Menorca aims to support the production and creation of contemporary art. Our vision is to establish the Casa Estudio Granados - Artists Residency program as a cornerstone of the international contemporary art scene, bridging connections between artists from all over the world.

Among the artists hosted are Morirz Berg, Bea Sarrias, Ed Warner, Pau Escat and Alicia Gimeno.


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