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"In my artwork, I strive to bridge the gap between the natural and the abstract, inviting viewers on a captivating journey through ethereal landscapes and shimmering reflections. By infusing reclaimed fabrics with vibrant pigments and intricate textures, I aim to evoke a sense of connection to the beauty that surrounds us, urging contemplation of the silent language spoken by nature itself."

Pau Escat, a contemporary artist and founder of Casa Estudio Granados and Escat Gallery, originating from Barcelona, Spain, born in 1984. His passion for art has led him to develop a prominent career in the field of contemporary art. His approach is characterized by the combination of natural and abstract elements to create lively and colorful works that capture the viewer's attention and invite them to reflect.

From an early age, Escat showed an interest in creativity. He pursued his passion for painting, studying in the United States before training as a jeweler and working for internationally recognized luxury brands due to his great admiration for gemstones and the way they shimmer through light. His experience in the world of jewelry has further enriched his artistic style, allowing him to incorporate dazzling textures and reflective elements in his work, creating mesmerizing visual experiences.

Escat's artwork is a captivating exploration into the realm of abstract landscapes, reflections of light, and the essence of silence. His unique approach to his craft is demonstrated through his use of reclaimed cotton and linen fabrics, serving as the canvas of his creations. By employing natural pigments, inks, and acrylics, he brings forth a harmonious balance between the natural world and the abstract, evoking an ethereal sense of connection, inviting the viewer to reflect on the inherent beauty present in the world around us.

The thematic focus of Escat's work delves into the unspoken language of nature, interpreting its subtleties and magnificence through intricate visual elements. Fascinated by the interplay of light, he masterfully captures its elusive and transformative qualities within his artworks, serving as a reminder of the fleeting nature of our experiences and the importance of cherishing the present moment.


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