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Pol Pinto Casa Estudio Granados


"As an artist, I thrive on exploring the profound interplay between action and its lingering echoes in the world. Through abstraction, minimalism, and a deep reverence for the elemental, I strive to uncover the raw beauty inherent in the simplest of forms." - Pol Pintó

Pol Pintó embarked on his artistic journey by studying Art and Design at the EINA University Center, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his creative exploration. In 2019, he further enriched his artistic perspective through participation in the TSS program in London, immersing himself in the dynamic art scene of the city and drawing inspiration from diverse cultural influences.

Currently, Pol Pintó finds himself immersed in a creative residency at the Piramidón Contemporary Art Center, where he continues to delve into the boundless realms of artistic expression. His artistic practice revolves around the exploration of action and its imprint on the world, a theme that permeates his work and drives his creative process.

The essence of Pol Pintó's art lies in his ability to distill complex concepts into visual form, characterized by abstraction, minimalism, and austerity. Drawing from the legacy of various artistic movements, he crafts compositions that evoke a sense of tension, imbued with spatial dynamics and a relentless pursuit of the elemental.

What sets Pol Pintó's work apart is his innovative use of unconventional materials and objects, which he transforms into tools of artistic expression. Through the tactile interaction and juxtaposition of these elements, he generates expressive strokes and textures that animate his canvases, infusing them with vitality and depth.

In his artistic practice, Pol Pintó embraces the intrinsic randomness of movement, allowing it to dictate the direction and flow of his creations. He relinquishes control to the interplay of forces, inviting chance encounters and serendipitous outcomes to shape the narrative of his work.

Pol Pintó's artistic journey has garnered recognition and accolades from esteemed institutions such as the Laus Awards, the Catalonia School of Design, and Arts-FAD. Moreover, his work has found a home in prestigious collections, including the Carmen & Lluís Bassat Foundation, where it continues to captivate and inspire audiences with its evocative power and aesthetic resonance.


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